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BBT is an innovative, mission-focused, growing national/global organization seeking a full-time Coach. The BBT Coach Position is open to hybrid work (in-person and work from home) with office space available in the Chesterfield, MO area and preference for candidates in the St. Louis area.

Reports To

The Executive Director & CEO

Job Summary

A BBT Coach is an ambassador for the ministry as well as a guide for group leaders and their groups. A Coach is the primary point of contact for BBT group leaders and groups and works closely with the Executive Director and CEO for onboarding and cultivating group relationships. Alongside the Executive Director and CEO, a Coach is an outward facing role for BBT’s business development relationships, social media platforms, Faith for Work podcast host, and liaison to attract new groups and retain current groups. A Coach will be responsible for communicating regularly with group leaders via their preferred methods of communication—email, text, video calls, and phone calls. The duration and frequency of these coaching contacts may vary, but every group leader should hear from BBT monthly. A Coach will monitor group metrics and health to offer helpful advice and support as necessary. An understanding of BBT curriculum offerings, technology platform, donor support model, and group best practices is necessary in serving small-group formation and support. Little to no out-of-town travel is required of a Coach. 


A BBT Coach will perform the following tasks during group and external interaction: 
  • Engage prospective and current leaders and groups to onboard, launch, guide, and manage lifecycles 
  • Assess progress toward agreed upon Leadership Flywheel™ goals for a group
  • Equip groups with resources (e.g., books, blogs, studies, mentors, etc.) to help them grow spiritually as a Christ-centered leader
  • Encourage leaders through devotionals, accountability conversations, and prayer
  • Expand audience reach as well as build awareness and interest for the organization through external-facing networking, social media, podcast, and other platforms 
  • Organizational Growth: In order to achieve BBT’s Mission of helping people apply Biblical principles at work, a Coach is the driver of serving our groups. A Coach will be a representative of the organization by engaging with BBT’s social media accounts, writing external facing content, and hosting the Faith for Work Podcast. A Coach will be the frontline contact point for prospective group leaders, engaging them through the orientation process, and sharing best practices for starting and growing a group. A Coach will track and engage with prospective leaders through the onboarding process from interest and introduction to training and launch throughout the group lifecycle. The Coach will be measured upon the recruiting and conversion of an interested individual to an active group launch as well as retention and growth of existing Bible study groups. Group reporting data is key to building relationships, providing group coaching, and serving the groups with growth metrics and recommendations. 
  • Curriculum: Once qualified as a BBT group leader, a Coach prepares the leader to kick-off a BBT group by completing a full review of curriculum and support materials. During this initial stage, coaches emphasize the first two BBT promises: Bible and Application. The ongoing coaching focus of curriculum is on facilitating sound Biblical doctrine and its application within the scope of the BBT curriculum (Learning). A Coach will be involved in the adaptation process to ensure understanding of themes, application, and scripture references. The Coach will bring their experience with group leaders to bear in helping to select and edit curriculum.
  • Community: Relational development among group participants is the essential element of the community. Community is the third BBT promise and it is driven by accountability, encouragement, fellowship, and mutual prayer, within a BBT group (cf. Hebrews 10:24-25). Coaches work with BBT leaders to set the tone for community development through their personal interactions (Living) with group participants.
  • Leadership: Spiritual leadership, expressed through shared leadership, is the hallmark of a thriving BBT group, which naturally leads to the genesis of new BBT groups. A Coach works closely with BBT group leaders to equip and empower co-leaders within the BBT group. Small group research reveals that leaders, who empowered co-leaders (Leading), launched new groups (Legacy) at more than twice the rate of leaders who did not. Ultimately, a leader’s growth drives the attainment of BBT’s Vision Statement: To see people grow in their relationship with Christ, and expand God’s kingdom through their leadership. 
  • Discipleship: As BBT leaders grow spiritually, a Coach will connect them with local discipleship resources, such as other local BBT leaders, church resources, and other discipleship programs. While a BBT leader may be actively engaged in discipleship, a Coach will continue to support their spiritual leadership development through the Leadership Flywheel™. A Coach shares small-group best practices with leaders, utilizes social media groups to build community, and consults the Group Leader Advisory Council for user experience and feedback. 

Qualifications and Competencies

A bachelor’s degree is required and a master’s degree is beneficial.

The selected candidate will: 

  • Be a Christ-follower
  • Possess and live the BBT Values: Service, Humility, Integrity, Excellence, Love, Diversity
  • 5-10 years of experience in business development and relationship management is ideal
  • 5-10 years of leadership in a ministry setting is valuable  It is preferred that candidates have a bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience. The selected candidate will:

The successful candidate will have a proven track record in:

  • Deciding and initiating action: Having shown a capacity for making decisions and initiating action. A BBT Coach is required to act on their own initiative, with the wisdom to make decisions based on available information and the confidence to take prompt actions. 
  • Working with people: A Coach needs to have a proven record of working effectively with a wide range of people. This position requires a high level of empathy and strong listening skills, with the ability to adapt to diverse teams while building team spirit. A high capacity for self-reflection and self-awareness that can translate into helping others gain better insights.
  • Leading and Supervising: A Coach will be expected to provide direction and coordination to their BBT group leaders as necessary. This role requires a strong capacity to motivate and empower others through identifying their unique strengths and talents. 
  • Presenting and Communicating: A Coach is expected to possess the ability to clearly articulate key points in a conversation and be confident when explaining concepts and opinions to others. They must be comfortable speaking to individuals and small and large groups of people, both in person and remotely, while projecting credibility and the capacity to respond to their audience.
  • Learning and Researching: A Coach must demonstrate an ability to gather information, manage knowledge, and encourage and support organizational learning. The complexity and connectivity of today’s marketplace requires a Coach to have a significant capacity to learn new information, processes, and technology quickly as well as to think quickly when interacting with a group leader. 
  • Planning and Organization: A Coach must demonstrate the capacity to monitor and maintain the ongoing information of many BBT groups simultaneously while ensuring a strong focus on details is maintained to ensure a prompt and excellent response to specific needs. A Coach must be able to maintain high levels of productivity, ensuring projects and reports they are responsible for are completed in a timely manner.  

Application Process

1. Interested individuals should complete the pre-screening questionnaire via this link:

2. Interested individuals should email the following materials to with the subject line: "BBT Coach."

  • Cover Letter
  • Resume
  • Three (3) references with contact information
  • Salary requirements

To ensure delivery, the file size of the email must not exceed 5MB.

About BBT

Biblical Business Training (BBT) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to help people apply Biblical-principles at work. BBT executes this mission by serving individuals leading, and those aspiring to lead, a workplace-focused Bible study. BBT equips Bible study leaders and empowers their groups through high-quality curriculum, coaching and connectivity. The services of BBT are free to leaders and their groups as the services are supported by the generous contributions from donors, including the Bible study leaders and their groups being served by BBT, and other people who are committed to changing the workplace by empowering people to discover Faith for Work and Leadership for Life.

The God-inspired vision of BBT originated in 2008 when two individuals felt called to start a workplace focused Bible study. After a period of time, they found it difficult to balance the demands of their very successful careers with the need to prepare for the weekly Bible study. As a result of their experiences, BBT was developed to provide busy people the resources needed – curriculum, group management and communication, support and encouragement – to successfully lead and sustain a workplace focused Bible study.

Since its founding in 2008, BBT served and supported small group Bible study leaders and their participants across the USA and in countries outside the USA.

BBT has a strong, faithful, committed Board and talented staff.


Helping you apply Biblical principles at work (Faith for Work).


To see people, grow in their relationship with Christ, and expand God’s kingdom through their leadership (Leadership for Life).

Strategic Direction

  • Biblical Business Training’s (BBT) strategic direction is to provide support and equip individuals in business settings who are called or aspire to be Bible study group leaders to help them sustain or begin a Bible study with a workplace focus.
  • BBT provides a comprehensive small-group, workplace ministry platform including customized curriculum and leadership coaching delivered through a proprietary technology platform.
  • BBT is a Christian nonprofit organization focused on the growth and development of individuals in their Christian faith in collaboration with local churches and serves people from multiple Christian traditions as well as non-Christians.